Polyair Red Bags for Coil Spring Installation

Polyair Red Bags for coil springs were fitted to this Parado with the goal to reduce bounce and eliminate sagging when towing a van. Goal achieved – Here’s how it was done – what this video and if you are in a similar situation and want the same results give us a call.



Testimonial after fitting Polyair Bag to Toyota Prado to tow caravan

“I own a Toyota diesel 150, which is the love of my life, (my wife thinks she is but that’s another story) and we have just purchased a Billabong 18.6 caravan. When we picked up our new van we immediately noticed the back of our Toyota sag when the van was connected. The drive home was less than comfortable…

The front of the caravan was bouncing along and even more noticeable on the concrete surface on the Gold Coast highway. I called SSA and asked for advice and Greg and his boys provided an immediate solution. They recommended a PolyAir Suspension Airbag, and am I pleased they did.

It was installed the next day without fuss and the improvement was immediate. With no load and 10lb of air in the Polybag our vehicle drove and handled beautifully as it did before. With the caravan attached and airbags inflated to 20lb the bounce and sag was immediately gone.

The next day I again towed the caravan and I forgot to inflate the airbags and the bounce and rough ride was back ….. I am sold and extremely happy with our new PolyAir Bag suspension – I would definitely recommend this as a solution to anyone in a similar situation to ours as you have driver comfort with the flexibility to adjust the air pressure when needed. Thanks Greg and his team of experts. Well done!”

Peter Wood – Shailer Park – Queensland.

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