Custom Built Suspension by Expert In-house Leaf Spring Manufacturer

Custom Manufacturing

The art of manufacturing springs is what Suspension Supplies Australia was built on, and over the years the tradesmen have proudly applied their spring making skills to build and develop BLUEMAX products for all customers.

It is this skill, quality and attention to detail that has built a strong reputation for Brisbane Springs over the years. These skills have provided the basis for research and testing to develop the range of quality BLUEMAX springs sold here in Australia and exported to other countries.

What We Offer

  • CUSTOM built suspension springs made to any specification 
  • CUSTOM built suspension for classic or vintage vehicles
  • REDESIGN to any spring make or model
  • RELIABLE expert advice and explanation to your query

The ability to manufacture automotive suspension springs is essential to ensure constant supply of spare parts to the industry. This is emphasised when you consider how manufacture, repair or redesign can keep your vehicle on the road when the part is not available straight off the shelf.

In-house manufacturing can tailor make or ‘Custom Build’ a suspension spring to your specifications and special needs. So whether you have a classic or vintage vehicle, a ‘rare spares’ requirement or simply think you can improve on the specification of a spring that is in the main-stream of the automotive supply world, come to us for some advice and explanation of your options.

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Brian Robinson Workshop Manager

You can also obtain a free inspection and express quote and enquire about booking your job to suit your schedule.

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Brian Robinson is the Workshop Manager and has been working with SSA for over 10 years years and well versed in the suspension industry with what is needed for each make or model or problem that may be presented.

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